Magazine Cover Redesign

Pick one of the local / international magazine and redesign its cover. You could create your own cover story based on current social issues. Try to play with the style of the magazine.

Here is the specification of your final work:

Size: A4 (Portrait)
Color : CMYK
Resolution : 300 dpi
File format : jpg


Download the class materials  HERE


Class Reminder (29Oct2013)

Here is the reminder for tomorrow’s class: (29Oct)

1. Tomorrow is the deadline of your assignment “Love Letter”. Please upload your work to moodle.

2. Please bring the following materials / tools for tomorrow’s class: Old magazine (e.g. 八卦雜誌), Scissors, Glue and Sketchbook

See you all tomorrow.



Class Reminder 24-Sept-2013

Please note that we will have Adobe Illustrator workshop tomorrow. In the workshop, I will cover techniques and skills you may use in the Movie Poster Redesign project, therefore please make sure you have finished the draft of your design, or at least you should have some ideas in your mind before the class.

Please also finish the typography classwork in your sketchbook.

Have fun.


You can try out the Illustrator CC here: